Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Bank Holiday and rain!

Well, no hope of any more blogging. More food, a four hour game of Monopoly, two sessions of Happy Families, (I'll tell you how to play that in a day or two, best game ever for a larger number) then the Easter episode of "The Vicar of Dibley," wonderfully funny with all those competing Easter Bunnies, and finally the Masters Golf for those interested, though I have to admit that I did not stay up for the bitter end!
  Easter Monday now, and guess what? Yes, it's raining. Feel very sorry for all those who have arranged outside activities. It's not raining very well, but Jess got pretty damp when I took her out for her morning walk, and we desperately need every drop we can get, what with hosepipe bans and all. I can stay indoors and play more games, cut a wooden jigsaw puzzle, read a bit more of Kipling and stuff myself with all the delicious leftovers from yesterday. Sadly one contingent of the family have to set off for home today, so we shall be a smaller household, and not enough people to play Happy Families.
   I am a great one for lists, as what is left of my brain after two lots of Chemotherapy can never remember what I have got to do, so it never gets done. Make a list, and as long as you can find it, you don't have to make the effort to remember what has to be done. You then have a little brainage left over to tackle the intellectual jobs and challenges, like writing a blog! Next Sunday we set off on a weeks river cruise, so there is a special list of "Things to be done before we go on Holiday." This sort of list is the most demanding because it naturally has a time limit. Most lists work on the basis of "if it doesn't get done today there is always tomorrow." But the lawn must have it's first cut of the year, whatever the weather does. I have flushed out the very "bush" water garden before I made the list, but I put that task on the list so I could have the satisfaction of ticking it off at once. Is that cheating, I ask myself?
   This is the "House of Clutter!" Many years of happy marriage, children and grandchildren, and twenty years running a variety of little businesses  from home have contributed to the amount of stuff secreted round the house. In addition I have an apparently incurable "Collector's Bug" and have never grown out of my childhood, so a lot of old and playworn models and toys are tucked away in different places. Every now and then the wife organises a tidy up, or even a pretty major purge, and some long forgotten treasures come to light, to my great surprise. Some of these then end up on eBay, and provide quite a lot of excitement! We have a large and pretty accessible roof space, and this provides invaluable storage. Unfortunately "out of sight is out of mind" and since I have not been so agile, and able to tackle the loft ladder, the mice have often had the loft to themselves, felling and eating the trees on my model railway layout. I could swear I have heard them in the night running the trains and going for rides through the tunnel and across the viaduct!
   Enough for one day, and a game of "Careers" is starting shortly!

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