Saturday, 14 April 2012

A weakly blog!

I do apologise to those who may have looked for a blog in vain, - heavily outnumbered, I suspect, by those who breathed a sigh of relief at not finding any more outpourings! The fact is that after Easter was safely past, certain influential members of my family, notably spouse and children, sat down in judgement on me and my blog!
   "How many people read your blog now?" I confessed to about nine, on a good day!
 "Do you really expect people to wade through that piffle every day?" I thought about it slowly, and admitted that people have much better things to do! So now I have taken a solemn oath, before the dog who monitors all my doings, that I will only blog once a week, unless there be some momentous happening that will not keep, in which case I may be obliged, in the interests of sanity, to spill the beans at once!
   I have had one lady, who I admit with shame was quite unknown to me, who asked very early on "Don't you have anything better to do with your time?" I answered with a sense of the forlorn "I don't have time" means "I am not interested enough to give priority."
  I have had several other responses, including a very interesting and positive one from the Solomon Islands. I also had a reply yesterday on the subject of Skylarks. A warm, interesting, positive and encouraging reply. So I shall continue, but weekly.
  Many years ago I sat with a notable and very positive friend, as he died of Cancer. One day, after some thought, he said "I have come to the conclusion that there are two sorts of people in life. Those who fill other peoples buckets, and those who empty them." I think those two responses I got are perfect examples of Mike's philosophy. Thank God for the bucket fillers, of whom Mike was himself a notable example.
   Talking of bucket fillers, we in the Far East of East Anglia have had just over an inch of blessed rain so far this month, following two inches in March. Last year the whole of March, April and May yielded one inch of rain in total! Our gardens look beautiful, and we shall shortly be planting out the first early potatoes. We can even cock a snook at the hosepipe ban!

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  1. Good morning Tom!

    I hope I am a bucket filler - I shall look forward to reading your musings - and will be monitoring your "once a week"!

    with love